The Top 14 Enterprise-Scale Digital Marketing Solutions

Marketing for large organizations is different than marketing for small businesses or startups. It requires a different and specialized set of tools. We’ve put together a list of the best marketing tools for large organizations, divided by category.

Attribution 1. Altitude by ImpactAltitude promises deep insights into the behavior of your potential customers. It contains a varied array of customization options for reporting and modeling attributions.

2. AppsflyerIn markets and industries where the majority of the action on mobile, Appsflyer has the attribution solution. 

Social Media 3. OktopostBuilt by marketers for marketers, Oktopost has taken on the challenge of providing accurate and actionable visibility into social media attribution. It provides tools and resources for finding relevant social media conversations, facilitating employee advocacy efforts, and publishing.

Oktopost is designed for enterprises because it provides more than simple vanity metrics. It takes the “dark” ou…

Bila Kau

Bila kau Yang Menarik

Akan lebih tertarik Hati ini

Bila kau yang mengikat

Akan lebih kuat ikatan hati ini

Bila Kau yang mengulur

Akan lebih Panjang cinta ini

Bila Kau Yang Menyelam

Lebih Dalam Cinta ini

Bila Kau Yang Terbang

Lebih Tinggi Aku Mencintai

Bila Kau Yang Nyalakan

Lebih membara Cintaku ini

Bila Kau Yang mengawali

Ku kan Lebih Tak ingin Mengakhirinya

Bila Kau Untuk Selamanya Di Hatiku



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