The Top 14 Enterprise-Scale Digital Marketing Solutions

Marketing for large organizations is different than marketing for small businesses or startups. It requires a different and specialized set of tools. We’ve put together a list of the best marketing tools for large organizations, divided by category.

Attribution 1. Altitude by ImpactAltitude promises deep insights into the behavior of your potential customers. It contains a varied array of customization options for reporting and modeling attributions.

2. AppsflyerIn markets and industries where the majority of the action on mobile, Appsflyer has the attribution solution. 

Social Media 3. OktopostBuilt by marketers for marketers, Oktopost has taken on the challenge of providing accurate and actionable visibility into social media attribution. It provides tools and resources for finding relevant social media conversations, facilitating employee advocacy efforts, and publishing.

Oktopost is designed for enterprises because it provides more than simple vanity metrics. It takes the “dark” ou…

Cerpen Don’t You Blame Him

Changes in myself, not other people but because of the nature you can never turn on for years I have been waiting for you to be able to appreciate our relationship.

All just wasted you always blame, and never consider me there. you never ever see how I love you, want you in life me. You just feel yourself that is always true,
But you are wrong you destroy all my dreams and let me fall and helpless, you love which have proved to be only a false promise and promise only.

I could not bear the pain that you gave. I could not hold back tears see you playing with my life
and now I’m trying to wipe my tears and stood on the suffering that you left for me.

The presence of other people open my world, give a smile on my face even though it seems hard to smile but I had to leave all the nightmares you.

It’s not him who has made torn us apart, it’s not him who has made my heart given up to you, and it’s not him who will steal me away from you.

There is no one to blame on you and outsider like him shouldnt be the one to take the blame, but rather the close one who is the cause of our suffering.
never cherish not treasure our relationship, never try to protect or fight our love. our love is being ruined because of you.

you are the one who put and end to our love not anyone else. don’t blame him for making our relationship fallen apart, he has just walked into our life not so long ago.

it’s actually you who have always been close the are causing more and more problems. even without him you and i would eventually have to say good bye
have to thank him for making me smile and some how get my life back one again. what you have forgotten to give me he has done it all.

it’s the respect in the person who had been beside you all along time. You should be aware as long as we together I never deceive you in this relationship and you need to remember I’m not going back again.. I have promised to my heart
and I do not let my heart be hurt by anyone.

letter to my heart being injured: “I know you are hurt to the extremest and I know no matter how hard I try I can’t erase the memories that has been engraved.
I know you’ve been hurt several times and this is not the first time that you are broken. I know it all.

But I promise you get back once. Only once. I’m not letting anybody even touch you now. I don’t believe in LOVE. Not in any kind of love.

And I want you also to stop expecting of any random unusual miracle to happen. I know you have feelings of sadness grievances, broken walls and an unexplainable feeling of wanting him! But you are a heart of a strong girl a girl with class and a lady with mind,
you can’t give up so quickly. I know things went wrong and broke you because you cared too much. But trust me; now you don’t have to feel that way. You don’t have to care too much for people who aren’t worth it. You don’t have to beg for love anymore. You just need to get fixed once and show the world that you can get through this.
You can get through all of these. Stop expecting anybody now. People who left; had to leave; if not today maybe one day. So, the sooner, the better.
Get over it and trust me I’ll make you so strong this time that it won’t be easy for anybody to break you. You’ll live but without feelings this time.”
Just get fixed once so that; the person who broke you doesn’t get the satisfaction of watching you suffer.”

Message to all my friends: You have cried enough. The relationship has been over for weeks. You’ve felt mad, sad, rejected, hurt,
shocked, lonely and everything else. You’ve cried your last tear. It’s time to stop feeling sorry for yourself and realize that they are not the only person you can have fun with or hold hands with or laugh with or hold conversation with. The reason you can’t see it,
is because your mind is still crowded with memories of what you used to do with them. It’s time to create new memories with someone else. Put that smile on your face again and realize that when the time is right,
you will find someone who will love everything about you with no restrictions and will be committed to you and the relationship 100% !

Cerpen Karangan: Poetry Alzanieza



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