Inti Bumi ?

Sebuah Dasar Dari Terbentuknya Bumi Itulah Inti Bumi,Berbentuk Kristal Itulah Yang Di Katakan Seorang Yang Menelitinya,Namun Aku Tidak Tahu Akan Kebenaran Yang Sesungguhnya Akan Hal Itu,Jadi Aku Membayangkannya. Bagaimana Jika Dahulu Kala Ada Sebuah Kristal Besar Yang Di Sebut Matahari Pertama,Lalu Ia Terpecahkan,Menjadi Kepingan Dan Suatu Yang Paling Besar Akan Membentuk Matahari Yang Kita Lihat Sekarang ini,Dan Yang Sebagian Kecil Membentuk Planet. Tandanya Sebuah Kristal Itu Adalah Sebuah Energy Matahari,Karena Berukuran Kecil Ia Membentuk Lapisan Tanah,Sebab Demikian Magma Yang Keluar Dari Perut Bumi,Nantinya Dia Akan Menjadi Tanah.Dan Jika Kenyataan Kristal Itu Adalah Benar,Maka Jika Kita Mengambil Sebaguan Kristal Itu,Kita Akan Memiliki Sebuah Matahari,Dan Bagaimana Kita Dapat Mengambilnya Tentu Dengan Membuat Lubang Dengan Sebuah Kristal Juga Yang Mampu Diam Di Dalam Panas, Tapi Coba Lihat Akan Dampaknya,Itu Perlu Di Perhitungkan. Sebab Demikian Jika Ada Perubahan Pada Kristal …

Cerpen HuRTs

I know it is highly unlikely among us to be together but I’m always trying to prove to the whole world that our love will come true in a marriage. Day after day we passed up years have changed that dream is getting closer in sight, so beautiful this morning filled with fresh air I remember you sitting there much, I never imagined that one day we would split up, really I do not want it happened between us. as usual my world has changed, so for me night and day during the night for me so I have sacrificed all the time just to equalize the difference between us.

For some reason lately you very changeable, you are no longer the person I knew. You have treated me rudely for no apparent reason. You accused me of doing things I’d never get me some real. but I always hold out how I maintain this relationship over the duration. until finally you go you leave me for no reason. what is my fault? why are you doing this to me? i love you so much until I gave up everything for you. I never thought how much suffering that you have given me.

I’m looking for, I telephone all the numbers that have been used, but you can not relieve all the tears, until finally I had cut my hand, for me to die is The best. my option is no longer able to live with all the pain that you have given me.

How many tears do you want? What a lot of the time you need to hurt me? I will give to you happiness in your life is more important than me, if you honestly if you possessed the other women I could receive. I sincerely you with the others, but why lie? You still remember the words you always say to me “I need you” “I want you” is you want me? You just want me dead. If the death of made you happy I am ready to sacrifice myself for you ..

Today has turned my hand wound also has begun to improve, I welcome the sun with a cry, I want to forget you but I can not. Why all the promises, love, you think of the game? Question that never goes out of my mind. You can hurt people who love you sincerely. Are you born to hurt me? If these walls could answer all these questions maybe I can rest, but there is no one who can answer it. That only you know the answer yourself, not me, or anyone else.

You know I love you, but love you for killing me. You just want my tears. Thank you for your injuries and pain you gave to me, you can go away from my life if it can make you happy. You can delete all the memories of us, but I’ll never do it the scars on my hands to death will not be lost, this is a sign of affection and sincere love for you.
Wherever you are right now and being with whoever, I hope you can be happy with her.. in prayer I will always be calling your name. I pleaded with God so that you do not feel pain the way I feel right now.
and Neither did I. I pray to be more resilient to live my life.

For all my friends
Never stay with someone who doesn't show you that you deserve the universe. Don't do anyone any favours when all they do is make you sacrifice yourself. You deserve more than you give yourself credit for. Know that you should never settle for someone who can't prove their words for you. Most of all, love yourself, then everything well will follow after…

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