Jika Anda Ingin Berubah, Mulailah dengan Pemikiran Anda

Bacaan Hari ini:
Efesus 4:23 "Supaya kamu dibaharui di dalam roh dan pikiranmu,"

Perubahan memerlukan pemikiran yang baru. Untuk bisa berubah, kita harus belajar tentang kebenaran dan mulai mengambil pilihan-pilihan yang baik, namun kita juga harus mengubah cara pikir kita.Misalnya, Anda berkata, "Saya harus lebih mencintai pasangan saya," ketahuilah itu tidak akan bekerja. Anda tak bisa melawan perasaan Anda. Anda harus mengubah cara Anda berpikir tentang pasangan Anda, tentang anak-anak Anda, juga tentang anggota keluarga Anda yang lain. Itu akan mengubah cara Anda merasa, yang kemudian akan mengubah cara Anda bertindak. Alkitab berkata, "Supaya kamu dibaharui di dalam roh dan pikiranmu," (Efesus 4:23).Pertempuran melawan dosa, pertempuran melawan kekurangan dalam hidup Anda yang tidak Anda suka dimulai dari dalam pikiran Anda. Jika Anda ingin mengubah perilaku Anda atau apa pun itu di dalam emosi Anda, mulailah dengan pikiran dan sikap Anda.Pembaharuan …

Cerpen Imaginary Sky Man

'William wait me' I shouted him because I left behind.

'can you move faster Mrs. snail?' said William
He was my best friend in my Senior High School. We used to spend time together. We loved to see sunset at the roof. I thought he was a good boy. He ever said to me when I was going to tear 'don't show your weakness Miara, keep smile even if you have to pretend fine.'
We used to be together, as I said before. We loved shooting stars, shore those dreams and talked anything. He also knew about me well, include of my fans fiction that I had_Sky Man. I liked this philosophy too. 'skies are above us. The color is blue and cheerful. Skies are the place to take dream for some kids. Skies protect us and the earth. And my Sky Man specially protect me' I told William. But he answered, 'but sky is high. You are unable to reach him'. I became gloomy with his statement. But he laughed me and we laughed together.
Lately I realized his words. William was true. My imaginary sky man, unable to be reached.

By the running of the time I depend on him. I relied on him in every condition. At that time I thought that he was my Sky Man. Helped and protected me always.
Lately I knew that he was not my Sky Man who I amazed so much. He was not.
We spent almost a thousand days together and this relation was going to shabby. There was a day of them became my memorable. It was Friday after school when I walked to him and smiled but he seemed didn't care my presence. At that day I was going to home alone. Then I got a short message.
I have to live without you. Everybody ever feel the point of bore.
Sender :
William hakim +628573022****

Simply he told me that. At the following day I knew him held on the hand of a girl and never played or talked with me again. In that day, I cried.

I didn't know what exactly I felt. Something was missing without his laugh and presence. But I should be grateful. I knew who the real William Hakim was.

'how many special people change?
how many live are living strange?
where were you while we were getting high'
everybody had troubles, everybody deserved to make a wish. When everything was gonna turn out worst. When your condition was totally ruined. I guessed you were afraid to wish. And here I was. Lonely at the roof and watching the sky when it turned dusk. Here I used to spend this moment with Wiliam. I had passed some weather. No played the snow in the winter. No cycling when the spring came without him. For God's sake I would not cry again. Sometimes memorable thing make us weak. I heard voice buzzed out of my head 'don't show your weakness Miara. Keep smile even if you have to pretend fine.' Well that wasn't William voice. Wasn't. but that was my voice. Mine.

Now I realize that someone who can assure that you are totally fine is your self. Not other, not William. They are humans ever make mistake or sometimes hurt.
I watched outside the window. It was summer. I glanced the sky turned dusk. There were 3 star seemed vague. But I knew it was summer triangle spread over on the beautiful sky. Or on might imaginary sky man.

William could leave. Anyone could leave. But my Sky Man was never.

Here, I kept a bunch of belief. He was there_Sky Man. In every nook and cranny of my heart.

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