Tuhan yang Mempertobatkan

Zakharia 12:10-14 Kita yang sudah jatuh dalam dosa dan sudah mati kerohaniannya tidak mungkin dapat bertobat. Namun, jika Tuhan menghidupkan kerohanian kita, tentu saja pertobatan bukan sesuatu yang mustahil (bdk. Ef 2:1-5).Ayat sepuluh menunjukkan Tuhan akan mencurahkan roh pengasihan dan roh permohonan. Roh itu dicurahkan atas umat-Nya, yaitu keluarga Daud dan penduduk Yerusalem. Dengan demikian, mereka akan memandang kepada aku (LAI: dia) yang mereka tikam. Mereka akan meratapi dia seperti orang meratapi kematian anak tunggal. Mereka akan menangisi dia dengan pedih seperti orang menangisi kepergian anak sulungnya. Ini menunjukkan bahwa dia yang ditikam adalah aku, kata Tuhan. Ini menyiratkan bahwa Mesias yang ditikam adalah Tuhan sendiri.Tuhan akan memberikan anugerah supaya umat dapat bertobat dan memohon ampun. Mereka harus meratapi Mesias yang mereka tikam. Ratapan yang diberikan akan begitu besar, seperti ratapan di lembah Megido (bdk. 2Taw 35:21-25). Ratapan tersebut akan terj…

Cerpen Just a Dream

There I was again tonight. I invited to join a party with all my beloved friends. I was happy since I can meet my old friends there. On my way, it has gone happily but, then, when I was there, everything wasn't as well as what I have imagined. I was forcing myself to laugh with faking smiles. There was full with walls of insincerity. Then when all have been same old tired, I was shifting my eyes and I found a vacancy of love. I couldn't enjoy everything but him. What I have felt before, it vanished when I saw his face. All I can see is that it was enchanting to meet him. It just like his eyes whispered 'have we meet?'. Ohh God! his sillhouette crossed the room, and starts to make its way to me, then I founded in a lonely place.

'Hi, I'm Jhonatan, what's your name?'
'Oh, my name is Taylor. Nice to meet you'
'What's a great name. Nice to meet you too, taylor'

There was only both of us, then the playful conversation starts. I was countering all his quick remarks like passing notes in secrecy. Haha, what a great conversation. All I can say is I was enchanted to meet him. This night is sparkling and I don't let it go. At 2 AM one game question kept me up, 'who do you love?' I wonder till I'm wide awake.

I was wonderstruck with blushing all the way home. He made me crazy of love. His face is running up on my mind and I couldn't throw it out. It is what we called as love, isn't it? I know I'm pacing back and forth. In my life, he is the best boy that I ever met. My thoughts will echo his name until I see him again.

3 AM, I was in my own house. I was so sleepy then I went to my bed to have a sleep. Before I closed my eyes, I wish to meet him again, someday. 'Tokk.. tok… tok…' I heard someone knock my door, that wake me up. I went to my door to open it. And you know, I don't believe it, He was at my door. I would open up.

'Hey' he said.
I was getting stuck and I couldn't speak.
'May I enter?' asked him.
'Of course, you may'
We were sitting on ottoman.
'I..' he whispered slowly closer to my ear 'love you'

What is it? what's kind of condition that I was facing? does he love me too? Is it true? Oh my God, This night is flawless, we were dancing around all alone. This is my praying that this was the very first page of my love story and not where the storyline ends.

'Please, don't be in love with someone else' These are the words I held back as I was leaving too soon 'Please, don't have somebody waiting on you'.

'Kriiinnggg… krriiinnggg…' My alarm is ringing. I wake up from my bed, then I washed my face. I was looking for jhonatan and I be aware of I just have a dream.

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