Tuhan yang Mempertobatkan

Zakharia 12:10-14 Kita yang sudah jatuh dalam dosa dan sudah mati kerohaniannya tidak mungkin dapat bertobat. Namun, jika Tuhan menghidupkan kerohanian kita, tentu saja pertobatan bukan sesuatu yang mustahil (bdk. Ef 2:1-5).Ayat sepuluh menunjukkan Tuhan akan mencurahkan roh pengasihan dan roh permohonan. Roh itu dicurahkan atas umat-Nya, yaitu keluarga Daud dan penduduk Yerusalem. Dengan demikian, mereka akan memandang kepada aku (LAI: dia) yang mereka tikam. Mereka akan meratapi dia seperti orang meratapi kematian anak tunggal. Mereka akan menangisi dia dengan pedih seperti orang menangisi kepergian anak sulungnya. Ini menunjukkan bahwa dia yang ditikam adalah aku, kata Tuhan. Ini menyiratkan bahwa Mesias yang ditikam adalah Tuhan sendiri.Tuhan akan memberikan anugerah supaya umat dapat bertobat dan memohon ampun. Mereka harus meratapi Mesias yang mereka tikam. Ratapan yang diberikan akan begitu besar, seperti ratapan di lembah Megido (bdk. 2Taw 35:21-25). Ratapan tersebut akan terj…

Cerpen An Orange Twilight

Flo kept running and running while she was crying.
She finally could run away from the hospital with infuse needle stick on her back hand. There was nothing on her mind except her best friend, Izi.
At a tea garden, that boy had been waiting so long. He united his hands to a fist and put it in front of his mouth. He looked at his watch on his left hand.
'I think she won't come. I'm sorry pal, this is what I have to do.' and finally he surrendered and began to walk.
Meanwhile, Flo was still running. Her face was so pale. She slow down her steps when she saw her best friend lost from her sight.
'Izi!' Flo screamed as loud as she could. Izi looked back, then he smiled.
Flo ran again with the tears in her cheek. While Izi was just quiet, waiting for her best friend come.
'Izi, you are wicked!' Flo directly embraced her best friend. She was crying and crying. And Izi just smiled again.
'I thought you would never come.' Izi said.
'You are stupid! Why did you go away without telling me?' Flo lowered her voice.
'I'm sorry. I don't want to make you sad. I expressly entrusted message to Aretha to tell you when I already left. Moreover, you were still staying at the hospital. I'm so sorry.'
Flo let off her embrace, 'Exactly, that what made me more sad, you know?! Why did you have to go?'
'Yeah, Flo. I have to go, I know, I don't want to go too. But this is my opportunity to go to Japan. Be calm, I will be back, trust me!' Izi tried to make his best friend calm.
'I know. Just go..'
Izi wiped Flo's tears, 'Flo, I promise, I will be back ten years later. Oh, as my best friend. I want you to keep this. Keep this camera, you can use it as long as I stay in Japan. Save more photos, after I back here.. I will dun. Deal?'
Flo startled, then she took the camera.
'So keep this camera. Don't make any damage on it. ^_^ '
They were silent for a while.
'Ok, I have to go now. The airplane will take off. Oh ya, one more thing.' Izi walked a little to the under of tea rows, then looked out upon Flo.
'Just for a memory, why don't you take my picture? Come on!'
Flo saw the twilight became orange, she turned on the camera and started to take Izi's picture with the perfect background.
'Ok, save it! I have to leave now, sayonara Flo!'
She smiled, 'Sayonara, Izi.'

The End

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Twitter: @Arghi Momentum


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