Jika Anda Ingin Berubah, Mulailah dengan Pemikiran Anda

Bacaan Hari ini:
Efesus 4:23 "Supaya kamu dibaharui di dalam roh dan pikiranmu,"

Perubahan memerlukan pemikiran yang baru. Untuk bisa berubah, kita harus belajar tentang kebenaran dan mulai mengambil pilihan-pilihan yang baik, namun kita juga harus mengubah cara pikir kita.Misalnya, Anda berkata, "Saya harus lebih mencintai pasangan saya," ketahuilah itu tidak akan bekerja. Anda tak bisa melawan perasaan Anda. Anda harus mengubah cara Anda berpikir tentang pasangan Anda, tentang anak-anak Anda, juga tentang anggota keluarga Anda yang lain. Itu akan mengubah cara Anda merasa, yang kemudian akan mengubah cara Anda bertindak. Alkitab berkata, "Supaya kamu dibaharui di dalam roh dan pikiranmu," (Efesus 4:23).Pertempuran melawan dosa, pertempuran melawan kekurangan dalam hidup Anda yang tidak Anda suka dimulai dari dalam pikiran Anda. Jika Anda ingin mengubah perilaku Anda atau apa pun itu di dalam emosi Anda, mulailah dengan pikiran dan sikap Anda.Pembaharuan …

Cerpen Just The Way I Am

'Sorry, but we need a taller person, Miss Tanners,' said that young lady.
'Our shop has tall shelves, so we need a taller person to work here,' she added.
I can understand that,
'Well its okay, no problem. I'll try to find another part time job.'
So, I walked to my home. It was Saturday evening so I thought I did not want to go home earlier, so I change my direction. I went to my friend's house, Gina. She always made me feel better.
Gina opened me the door when I got to her house. She was surprised because I did not tell her before, that I will go to her house.
'Andrea, what's up?' she asked
'Nothing I just being refused from the Lucky store, because I'm not tall enough to take a thing from their shelves,' I said.
Gina looked at me. I know I might look miserable, because she knew that it was not the first time for me to have been rejected from a job that I applied.
'Oh, honey,' she said.
'Wait a minute,' she added then she went to her kitchen and came back with a cup of tea.
'Here, drink it. It will calm you down,' she handed me the tea.
I drank the tea and feel a little comfortable. I sighed,
'Well, it is not my first time, so I can handle it,' I said, more like talked to myself.
Gina hold my hand and said, 'You know, you always be my brilliant and great best friend I've ever had. You are special, Andrea.'
I smiled, 'Thanks Gina, you are my best friend. You know, I always feel comfortable with myself, but sometimes, you know, sometimes I have an imagination if I were a taller girl. I mean, it will make me more confident. I can get, more friends, part time jobs, got into my favorite school and…,' I was shy for saying the last word. Gina looked at me and smiled,
'And boy…' I was so shy to say the last word, because, Gina knew that I fell in love to a boy in campus.
'So do you really fall in love with Kevin Kettering, huh?' Gina Asked me.
I was embarrassed, but yes I fell in love with Kevin, my new friend in campus. He was so handsome and always treated me nice. He never said something bad about my posture and always acted like I was same with other people. So I told Gina about my feeling,
'Yeah, I fall in love with him, but you know, he always had a beautiful, smart and tall girlfriend,' I know I even looked more miserable now.
'Hmm you know what, Andrea? Yesterday my mom brings me a magazine, and I found this advertisement, about a medicine which can make you 5 cm taller in every single month,' Gina said.
'Really, what's the name of the medicine?' I asked excitedly.
'Well, I forgot it, but wait, let me see, I think I placed the magazine in this room, this morning. Wait a minute'. Gina was looking for the magazine
Around the room, and yelled,
'There you are!' She went back to the couch and sat next to me, she started to open the magazine.
'Hmmm, I think the advertisement is in the page 5, wait! Ahhh, here it is!' She yelled and gave me the magazine.
I read the advertisement. It said that this medicine can made someone 5 cm taller in a month. If this medicine really worked, I would have a chance to be Kevin's girlfriend. So I thought I would buy this medicine.
'Thanks Gina you are my savior! I'll buy this medicine,' I said and hugged her.

It was a nice Sunday afternoon when I decided to go to a drugstore to buy the medicine that Gina had references me. There were only three customers in the drugstore when I got there. I waited for 5 minutes, till the shop keeper called me and gave me the right medicine. When I got out from the drug store and wanted to went home, someone called my name and he was standing behind me,
'Kevin!' I was surprised.
He laughed at me, so annoying but he was very handsome.
'Stop laughing you stupid!' I yelled, pretend that I was angry. He tried hard to stop laughing, and asked,
'What are you doing here?'
'What do you think people doing in the drugstore, huh?'
'Ok, ok, so you are buying medicine, right? Are you sick?' he asked and looked worried.
'No I'm not sick, it's just vitamins. I have to go home now. See you later!' I did not want him to know that I was lie.
So I went out from the drugstore, but Kevin holds my hand,
'What?' I asked,
'Well, actually I got a difficult assignment and I am wondering if you can help me,' he said.
I was thinking for a while and thought that it would be another beautiful evening with him, so I told him that tomorrow evening at my house will be okay.

Kevin came to my house the following evening, he looked gorges. He wore a black tight shirt and blue jeans which really fit his body. I felt so embarrassed, because I just wore a very usual T-shirt and skirt that was made me look worse. We went into my house, there were my parents sat in the living room and watched television,
'Good evening Mr. and Mrs. Tanner,' Kevin greeted my parents.
'Good evening, Kevin', said my mom. 'So, are you guys going to work on your assignment together again?'
'Yes, mom, he asked me to help him,' I said.
'Well, why don't you make two cups of hot chocolate, it will help you relax when you find that the assignment is difficult,' said my dad.
'Okay, mm Kevin, you can wait in the balcony, I'll go there in ten minutes.'
Kevin was waiting for me in the balcony and was very excited when he smelled the hot chocolate, so I gave him his cup. He drank it,
'Thanks, it is very delicious. You are the best Andrea,' he compliments me.
I was so shy, but I tried to calm myself down by drank my hot chocolate and tried so hard to sound as relax as I can when I said,
'You're very welcome.' Kevin smiled, and that made me fly.
'I will play the music,' I walk to the table near the balcony and played my CD compilation. We like to listened music while we did an assignment.
A nice song from MOCCA ‘I Remember’ was the first song, which would accompany us to do the assignment.
Thirty minutes left and we got bored. Kevin started to asked so many questions, from the silly one like,
'Do you still take a bath with your rubber duck?'
I looked at him and said 'Yes, I do.'
Then he continued to asked more questions, until he came to that serious one,
'Andrea, what actually did you buy in a drugstore yesterday?'
I was confused. I did not know what I had to say. I had never lied to him before, so I decided to tell him the truth, even though it was hard.
'That was, emm that was a medicine that can make me taller in a month.'
'What?' he was shocked. He shakes my shoulder, as if I was not conscious,
'But why did you buy that? What for? I just can't understand this. Why Andrea? Why?' he asked me.
'Well, oh my god. How should I say this?' I asked myself. I did not know what I should say to him.
'Tell me, Andrea. Just tell me the reason.' He begged.
'Well, actually this is all because I've been rejected from Lucky store…'
'What? Is that really your reason to buy those kinds of drugs? Oh my god I can't believe it.'
No! I haven't finished my words! Well the real reason is because I love you Kevin. I really want to be with you, but you always with those s*xy and tall girls, oh my god.' I was so shy and finally I cried.
Kevin startled. He looked at me and hugged me. I did not know what I should do, so I just cried and laid on his chest,
'Sshhh… don't cry, Andrea. Don't make me sad,' he said.
I just nodded. On this night I wanna swear that I will always be there by your side… The last song from my CD, I do from Ten2Five was on now.
'Do you know why I always asked you to help me with my assignment, Andrea?'
'The only reason is just because I love to be around you. I love how you always tell me the truth, I love how you always make smile and happy. I love you, Andrea.' Kevin looked at my eyes when he said the last sentence.
'But, what about those girls who always be with you?' I asked.
'They are just my friends. Well, maybe they want to be my girlfriend, but me, Kevin Kettering is always want you to be mine, you are amazing just the way you are, Andrea,' he looked at my eyes again.
I looked back to his eyes and I found the truth. It was like he said, I do love you, Andrea. I smiled and he smiled too, THEN he kissed me.
'I love you too, Kevin.'

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