Tuhan yang Mempertobatkan

Zakharia 12:10-14 Kita yang sudah jatuh dalam dosa dan sudah mati kerohaniannya tidak mungkin dapat bertobat. Namun, jika Tuhan menghidupkan kerohanian kita, tentu saja pertobatan bukan sesuatu yang mustahil (bdk. Ef 2:1-5).Ayat sepuluh menunjukkan Tuhan akan mencurahkan roh pengasihan dan roh permohonan. Roh itu dicurahkan atas umat-Nya, yaitu keluarga Daud dan penduduk Yerusalem. Dengan demikian, mereka akan memandang kepada aku (LAI: dia) yang mereka tikam. Mereka akan meratapi dia seperti orang meratapi kematian anak tunggal. Mereka akan menangisi dia dengan pedih seperti orang menangisi kepergian anak sulungnya. Ini menunjukkan bahwa dia yang ditikam adalah aku, kata Tuhan. Ini menyiratkan bahwa Mesias yang ditikam adalah Tuhan sendiri.Tuhan akan memberikan anugerah supaya umat dapat bertobat dan memohon ampun. Mereka harus meratapi Mesias yang mereka tikam. Ratapan yang diberikan akan begitu besar, seperti ratapan di lembah Megido (bdk. 2Taw 35:21-25). Ratapan tersebut akan terj…

Cerpen Undetermined Love

'Sometimes the first met wasn't named as 'love at the first sight' but in that time you would know how to feel the sense of that meeting. So love is a treasure.' ' Putri Meilinda

Thursday, in school park area.
I pierced to that window, at that time exam have been done. There's no announcement for holiday just because we was as the 9th grade so we did the exam firstly. I was boring, I didn't know why. I felt that the clock walking very slowly. My classmates still only talking and enjoy their weird topic. They forgot that their friend I in here was nauseating to hear it's topic, yes of course exactly me. I got from this small chair, then walking outside and I saw my teacher Miss. DH was busy to set the little newcomers plants. I thought it's not really matter to help her then I asked my mates to accompany me to help miss. DH. Firstly, she didn't want to do that indeed she's very uncommunicative person. I stepped towards the and accosted her. 'Morning Ma'am, I saw there's so many newcomers plants, right?'. 'Yes, because our school wanted to follow some cleanness's competition. You gonna help me, weren't it? Look! Your juniors were busy to put the pot and fill it with some flowers.' Said Miss. DH. Directly, I took one plant and with hurried put it into polibag and fill it with topsoil. Next, we took it into some position that have deserved. we already knew that our school was one of favorite and mild school so there was so many students that have high skills, ability and intellectualism in this school. I turned back from that position into Miss. DH. A glance, in here the condition was just as same as class, my brain thought. I saw some boys brought some big flower pot to move and fill it with new plant. Deliberated, I looked some girls screamed and amazed with the porter pot. 'Ewh, it's really damned' my heart spoke. Ah girls, they were so easy to be melted with the guy enchantment. My sarcasm's thought have stopped. I saw a guy who I never met before. Was he a new student? Or he never went out of the class?. He walked forwards miss. DH and asked some question. I didn't really hear what they were talking about. Truly, he was really handsome with his own style. My eyes followed his step and disappear when he got the last class. 'Shinta! Hey. Let's wash this hand, I felt so dirty' my concentration directly broke up when ulfa called me with her loud sound. 'Wait a minute, did you see the guy?' I asked. 'the guy? Who? There's so many boys here shinta. Don't be silly'. 'That boy! He brought the biggest pot' I pointed at him. 'Oh I see. Why? You like him? Haha' ulfa laughed at me. 'No, I just amazed and…' ulfa cut my words then she mocked. 'Don't be a liar Shinta, I know what you feel' ulfa continued her word. 'let's wash our hand!' I screamed.

After that incident this noon, I thought of who was his name, his class, and why I so stupid about 3 years I never seen him and of course when I searched about him the result was nothing. Because that day was the last day to school before going to National Exam. Then after national exam there would be long holiday. The conclusion was I really regret. He was nothing for me but why I so busy to searched about him. Only with the five minutes moment I must stucked and changed become a detective to analyze every single life about him.
After some months, I could forget that incident. I could live with my ordinary life without the big question mark in my brain. As a blackberry's user, internet, social media and bbm became my food. So, every second I always checked my handphone. One day I saw that my bbm contact was so minim then I asked my friend to promote my pin. At I thought that is just a joke to add contact. One by one I saw the name, then I found some name with a strange symbol. It was really weird and I didn't want to accept it as my contact.
Someone with display Dicho Dickita Handoko tried to chat with me. Then I reply his massage with 'yaaa'. He asked about my school, home and so do I. I was very surprised when he said that he was one of student in my junior high school. But we didn't know each other. Next, he always chat me and talking about some topics that made me interest with him. He was really a humorist with his funny story. He cared to me like I'm her girlfriend eventhough we're just in a 'friendzone'.
The day went on, we were still in this simple condition. I know that I really like him, moreover without any real meeting I can put my heart into the person who far away. I was afraid, my relationship which failed in the past ghosted me. Then suddenly he ping!!! me again and asked who was my boyfriend. 'I never have a relationship since 1 year ago' I replayed. He was very surprised and said 'Hmm, I don't know why every time I chatting with you I feel so comfort, you're just like my mother. Truly, I love you even though we never meet before. Will you like to be my girlfriend?' I didn't know how to replay this message. I nervous. I didn't like his way to shoot me from bbm, so asked him to meet me gently.

'I like not only to be loved, but also to be told I am loved'- George Eliot

Two days later, we make an engagement to meet in our junior high school. At 2.00 p.m we must arrived. My school's bell rang at 13.45 and I knew that there's no time to go home and changed my clothes so I went there with my school uniform. But at that time, the street to go to that school was so crowded and there's a traffic jam. I guessed that he would be angry with me because I came late. After I arrived there, the weather is rainy and every student have already went home. I didn't see him. I texted him and there's no replay. After five minutes my phone rang and there's a message from him. 'sorry I can't wait for you. You're late and the weather is so cold so I decide to go home'. I regret with myself. Why I must be so silly to wait for him?. My uniform have already wet and dirty. My eyes couldn't stop the tears that came out from my eyes. Suddenly in my sadness, there's a boy who stood In front me and gave a handkerchief to me. I don't know who his name then he looked at me deeply. 'Are you shinta sylvana?' he asked me with a beautiful smile. 'Yes, I am. Who are you?'. 'I am the guy who texts you everyday, give you some joke in the midnight and shot you last night.' He answerd. I looked at his unform and name tag. Yes he was my boy, Dicho. Then he continued, 'hey, Do you want to be my girlfriend, the girl who looked at me when we're in the park, setting the newcomers plant, and hate the girls who screamed at boys?' I was very surprised and couldn't say anything. He was the pretty guy. I didn't replay his words. I shaked my head which it was the code that I received it as my boyfriend. He hold my hand and then said, 'Don't cry anymore. We'll happy ever after just like our newcomers plant'.

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