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Forever Friends

1 Corinthians 15:53-55 (NLT) For our dying bodies must be transformed into bodies that will never die; our mortal bodies must be transformed into immortal bodies. Then, when our dying bodies have been transformed into bodies that will never die,   this Scripture will be fulfilled:  “Death is swallowed up in victory.   O death, where is your victory? O death, where is your sting?” I spent last evening in a youth service with grieving young people. The young girl killed in a horrible tragedy had touched many and her kindness rippled through the crowd as many shared of her character even at the tender age of 16. Their sobs racked my heart. Why God? The grief counselors from the local high school were there – all believers – they talked with some, embraced others tightly and prayed with those who requested it. I was moved by the Presence of God in the midst of such sorrow and heartache. Hugging her mother, I prayed peace and strength walking through this week into her new normal. I could

What Causes Man Boobs

The chest or breasts are a defining feature of gender, with breasts generally being considered to be a female trait.  However, some men develop breasts which may be a source of embarrassment, and even shame. Dr John Flynn offers gynaecomastia surgery, which may include liposuction and skin tightening to reduce the size of breast tissue occurring in a man, to create a more masculine chest. What is gynaecomastia?  Not to be confused with fat enlarged breasts in men due to weight gain, gynaecomastia is a hormonal disorder which occurs in men of all sizes causing mammary tissue to swell. Although obesity is one contributing factor for gynaecomastia, medications, certain foods, herbal treatments and body building supplements can have an impact. Read here: for more information on our gynaecomastia procedure. How to tell if you have gynaecomastia?  Typically men have a higher testosterone level than women, who have higher oestrogen levels. These hormonal levels play a major role in t

Body Sculpting Procedure

Body shape, weight and size are very personal aspects of a person's look.  Safely making decisions to change these aspects takes courage and the support of a qualified and experienced medical team. Comfort in your own skin is an undeniably beautiful thing. If you're struggling with a problem area and it has become a source of frustration or has taken a toll on how you feel in your own skin, we're here to help. Our body sculpting procedures consist of a single or combination procedure to restore and enhance the shape of your body. Our experienced team of professionals at Cosmedic and Skin Clinic cater to numerous body weight and shape concerns at our Gold Coast practice. We're passionate about enhancing each patient's natural beauty and helping them feel proud of their appearance. Liposuction  Surgical fat removal  Liposuction is one of the most popular fat-removal procedures because when performed correctly-it works. Liposuction is a surgical procedure de

The Thoughts Of What Life Means To Me

Opportunity to serve and genuinely be served is everywhere, all we have to do is do the leg work. I remember when I used to deliver newspapers and solicit subscriptions for them when I was a boy. I developed that philosophy back then when I would persistently call on people to do the five-dollar and fifty cents a month commitment and often I would sell with perseverance knowing that if I did enough leg work, and did it persistently, I would ultimately benefit. So, my point to this whole article and I will say it early here, is that good customer service is not just good customer service, it is a way of life that takes you the extra mile when you genuinely want to get somewhere and do something. In fact, I will say that a consciousness of good service is the most powerful thing one can have, even in "down times", because, you never know when opportunity is going to show itself to you and be fully ready to strike you with its benefits. In many ways, I look at life as the ultim

Resistance Training: 5 Ways Seniors Will Benefit From It

The idea of asking an elderly person to lift weights or engage in resistance training may seem ludicrous to many people. Thoughts of seniors hurting themselves or over-exerting and collapsing will creep into many people's minds. Yet, none of this is true. In fact, resistance training is one of the best ways to slow down the aging process and become healthier in your later years.. Let's take a closer look at why most elderly people will benefit from this type of training. 1. Prevents muscle loss After the age of forty, almost all men and women lose some muscle every year. It's a very gradual and unnoticeable loss that becomes visible after a long period of time. Resistance training will retard this process. The human body is very adaptable. It will cope with whatever reasonable demand is placed upon it. Seniors who start off with light resistance training and work out with little dumbbells will slowly see their strength increase. Over months, they'll be able to l

How To Choose A Quality Vitamin Supplement?

Do you really need vitamin and mineral supplements? Several studies that have been conducted strongly suggest that soil depletion has led to the overall reduction of the nutrient value of the food we eat. Therefore, vitamin supplements should constitute a part of our daily diet to complement the nutrients we obtain from vegetables and fruits. Please make a note that supplements must "supplement" and not replace your food. Eating mostly junk food and taking vitamins will not yield any positive results. OK, now let's get started, when you go shopping for vitamin supplements whether online or at a brick and mortar store, first and foremost conduct a thorough research on the products to ensure that the are premium goods. To be classified as "premium'', it's essential, that the meet the set industry standards in the following critical areas: - Supplement Design; Quality of Ingredients used; Method of Manufacturing applied. Of these 3 criteria&#

Look Like Selena Gomez All Day Long: The Flawless Beauty And Make Up Tips By Experts

Looking flawless in front of the camera or during a public appearance is a daunting job itself. How do you know that you are looking good? Can you be simply overwhelmed by the praises you get? Or the amazing clicks maybe? Well, everyone needs to spend some more during the makeup session before getting ready for a public appearance. Let's consider an example of Selena Gomez. She looks splendid and divine in front of the shutters. Her makeup looks flawless yet natural. Not only that, she wears only those things that perfectly suits her. Her cute little face and sugar-like smile not only make her adorable, but she has the capacity to transform her from informal to alluring, flaunting several combinations of styles. Now you may ask how does she manage to look gorgeous always. Maybe she can buy some expensive designer clothes but the professional makeup artists complete her look with a new level of expertise. Only a professional understands your skin type and skin tone better than yo

Applications of Sentiment Analysis in Business

The applications of sentiment analysis in business are plenty and overwhelming. Gaining a greater business value with sentiment analysis depends on what tool you use and how well you use it to your advantage. Sentiment Analysis in business, also known as opinion mining is a process of identifying and cataloging a piece of text according to the tone conveyed by it. This text can be tweets, comments, feedback, and even random rants with positive, negative and neutral sentiments associated with them. Every business needs to implement automated sentiment analysis. If you doubt it, here’s a little perspective. The accuracy can never be 100%. And of course, a machine does not understand sarcasm. However, according to a research, people do not agree 80% of the time. It means that even if the machine accuracy does not score a perfect 10, it will still be more accurate than human analysis. Also, when the corpus is huge, manually analyzing is not an option. Hence, sentiment analysis in busin

Useful Tips For Implementing After The Ecommerce App Development

Due to the regular updates in search engine algorithms, marketers need to always change their paid social media strategies, adjust the practices and keep on updating on the latest platforms and software that are arriving newly in the market. With all constant changes there is a need of bringing innovative style in ecommerce app development to keep up with the other rivals. Popularity of mobile apps is increasing like never before in this era of digital marketing. In ecommerce app development, it is always important to maintain some best practices. Here, we are going to discuss about the importance of using various new techniques.   Paid Advertising  Google works rigorously in order to make paid advertising very efficient. They are offering lot of real estate in upper parts of search engine results to paid ads that gives rise to a huge increase in CTR (click through rates). Advertising on mobile phone are much different than they are on the desktops. In PPC ads o

How can companies mitigate chemical supply risks?

An efficient supply chain is instrumental to bring the competitive price of chemical products. Unnecessary delay in the chemical supply and volatile prices in the market increase the product rates arbitrarily. However, all the supply risks can be minimized with an effective and diversified supply chain with global partners. Chemical consultants can be an integral part of this excellent chemical purchasing process.  Supply chain risk is a serious issue faced by all stakeholders involved in the global chemical trade. Stakeholders include chemical manufacturers, traders, buyers and sellers of the industry. With stringent policies and volatile prices, there are severe implications in the supply chain. Companies often face delays in product procurement that adversely affects manufacturing and other related activities due to inferior chemical supply management.  In the globalized world, companies have a flexible supply of chemicals and raw materials from various markets. But, serious

What is the total fee for MBBS in Ukraine?

The majority of medical universities of Ukraine are in the list of Top Medical Universities in the world, therefore many international students from India, Bangladesh, Europe, and other countries seek admission at the Top Medical Universities of Ukraine.  Overview: For the last many decades, Ukraine is gaining so much popularity and is becoming the best destination to study MBBS in Abroad. Studying MBBS in Ukraine is becoming the top choice for international students because the country has the highest number of state-governed medical universities as compared to the other countries of the world and this is the reason because of which, majority of Indian students are heading to study MBBS in Ukraine.  Another factor which is encouraging Indian medical aspirants to study MBBS in Ukraine is the affordable tuition fee. Yes, you heard it right, you can complete you MBBS in just 15 lakhs from Ukraine!! The  Top Medical Universities  of Ukraine offers MBBS at a very affordable

How to Recover Deleted iCloud Account without Phone Number

This application not only stores the data but also can manage the same. Besides, iCloud performs many other credible services for the users because of which the user is fond of using it. But, it beco... This application not only stores the data but also can manage the same. Besides, iCloud performs many other credible services for the users because of which the user is fond of using it. But, it becomes disappointing when a user forgets iCloud password or is unable to get access to iCloud. If you are also such a user and want to know steps related to  iCloud account recovery  then you may follow the steps below. Simple Steps to Get Back iCloud Account! The best way to recover iCloud account is to log into the official page of iCloud page from any web browser that you prefer. Enter the username in the sign-in page that you want to recover and then tap “Next”. Now scroll down and select the “Settings” option. You will be required to click on the “Restore files”

Fire alarm system historical progress

Fire alarm systems passed through development phases throughout history as they were developed from conventional systems to addressable ones, then wireless fire alarm systems. In the old days there were no fire alarm systems yet invented and the people were extinguish fire after it breaks out with water only as an extinguisher. Firefighting agents discovery Later, new fire extinguishing agents were discovered like FM200 and CO2 which proved more efficiency than water in some certain applications. These fire extinguishers must be used instead of water in determined applications. For instance in electric cables fire, you shouldn't use water to extinguish the fire , instead you should use non conducting agent like Carbon dioxide CO2 with certain pressure for immersing the fire area. Using these special fire agents other that water should be accompanied with fixed safety precautions to protect people from exposure to these agents that could lead to choking hazard. Conve

AutoCAD Training in Pune

Become an AutoCAD Professional To work as  AutoCAD classes in Pune  professional, you need to have a deep understanding of how to use AutoCAD. Depending on what career you want to have while drafting with AutoCAD, then you may also need an associate’s degree, a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree Reasons for implementing CAD: To increase the productivity of the engineer. To improve the quality of design. To create a table/database for manufacturing. To improve communication & interpretation through documentation. Before the implementation of this software, all engineers & designers used drafters and sheets to draw or design a product. It consumed a lot of time for a designer to design a product. If the manufactured product didn’t satisfy the client’s need or if the manufacturer got an error in the product, then the design needs to be changed of the product which was a time-taking process. In the cases of errors, the drawing needs the modificatio

5 Key Components of Mobile Enterprise Solutions Today

Why do businesses need mobile enterprise solutions and what are the key components that drive it? As leading IT firms cater to rising demands, this article looks into the key components to look for. Today is the day and age where mobile is ruling the lives of one and all. Not just individuals, even enterprises are rethinking their strategies in order to cater to the changing market scenario driven by its increasing influence. After all, when the consumers are increasingly getting tech savvy and the number of smart device users are increasing day by day, there is the growing need to rebuild the strategies to reach out to and cater to the needs of the users. To address the demands of an ever changing market, organizations today are embracing mobile enterprise solutions to a large extent. What this means is that they are investing in mobile applications for the various processes. The growth of the enterprise mobile applications market hasn’t been as widespread as that of the consu

Top 5 Features of an Ideal Human Resource Management Software

A human resource development software is what organizations need today to increase efficiency and productivity of the HR department. This article looks into the top 5 features an organization should look for when choosing a HRMS software. Today, every business is responding to the need for digitization by investing in automation of its processes. For this, businesses are looking for automation solutions for every sphere of their business, and every department. The human resource department has also witnessed a sea change in their approach with the introduction of the new age Human Resource Management software (HRMS). Every functionality of the human resource department is taken care of by the HRMS, and this can offer multiple benefits to the HR personnel in the organization.  Digital HRMS  is one such software that allows organizations to pick and choose modules that cater to their requirements. This allows even small businesses and start-ups to invest in it.  Zoho People  is anoth

6 Features to Look for in a Travel Management Software

A travel management software is what enterprises need today to automate the process of raising and approving travel requests when employees travel on business purpose. This article enlists the key features to look for when choosing such a software. Business travel is an integral part of business operations in almost every organization. Right from meeting clients to attending seminars or events to represent the company, employees are required to plan business trips to various locations in the city, to different parts of the country, or even abroad. With this comes accommodation, and managing the travel and accommodation requests of all the employees can be a mammoth task for an organization. A paper-based management system can lead to many issues, including errors in processing as well as unnecessary delay. Also, keeping a record of all the employees who have been on business trips, along with their details, can be time consuming for the HR personnel. The solution? The solution

5 Reasons to Use Selenium for Web Test Automation

What is Selenium and what makes Selenium one of the most popular tools for test automation in the world today? Why should a QA team choose Selenium over other tools? This article provides the answers. Selenium is the most popular tool when it comes to test automation today. QA teams believe the reason behind the astounding popularity of Selenium is the many features the tool has to offer. Interestingly enough, Selenium is not just widely used by the QA professionals, but also the developers. The high popularity of Selenium and its multiple benefits, has made several new age automation testing tools, adopt a Selenium framework, for web test automation as well as for mobile apps.  QARA Enterprise  is one such platform that is an advanced test management tool and also offers a desktop as well as web version.  Katalon Studio  is another platform that supports multiple browsers and platforms and can be used for web and mobile apps. Before choosing Selenium, every QA professional sho

Get Highly Responsive Surgeons Email List from Mailing Data Solutions to Improve Conversion Rate

Mailing Data Solutions successfully gathered surgeons email list will help marketers for the better B2B campaign and increase new opportunities. Want to target the right Surgeons to showcase your products and services successfully? Avail the most accurate and reliable mailing database for your business requirements with our unique permission-based and customized surgeon's email list. Promote your products and services across the globe with a highly targeted surgeon's mailing list. Get custom data by specialty, location, license state with surgeon's email database! The surgeons' mailing list from Mailing Data Solutions is the most comprehensive, suitable and affordable. Go ahead of the competition and connect directly with experienced surgeons. Surgeons contact database building strategies deliver considerable customer development for the US and Global companies. Benefits of Availing Surgeons Email List from Mailing Data Solutions: Accurate, Responsive Da

Apartment Renters are Looking for More Than Just a Place to Live

Apartments have always been a "place to live," but these days resdients - especially younger renters - are looking for features that make their lives easier, and enhance their lifestyle. That means that every renter will have a different  checklist  of things they look for in an apartment, and the range of items that may be on that checklist is very large. Bear in mind that no apartment will be a perfect fit, but by going into the search with a checklist of things that are important, renters can make the best choice for their lifestyle. Here are the most in-demand features today: The Basics Within the apartment itself, renters look for spacious rooms, up-to-date and fully functional appliances, and (if furnished) clean, modern furnishings. Since most people have full-time jobs, it's important to have extended office hours - ideally 24x7 - and an emergency maintenance number. Safety features should include gated access to the apartment, cardkey acce

Do you need Bioleptin to stay healthy?

Bioleptin supplements are created to supplement a regular normal diet to provide the body with the required amount of essential nutrients. In recent times, the market is flooded with numerous weight-loss dietary supplements. It is not surprising that these days more and more people are looking for some ways to guard their health. Health is a major concern for people of any age and this has made them consume dietary supplements. Whether in the form of liquid or solid, the dietary supplements are consumed by a large number of people worldwide specifically to remove the extra fat from the body. Generally, dietary supplements contain ingredients such as minerals, vitamins, amino acids as well as various other substances to bring the effectiveness of the product. Dietary supplements are created to supplement a regular normal diet to provide the body with the required amount of essential nutrients. In recent times, the market is flooded with numerous weight-loss dietary supplements.

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